Video Production Salvation

I swung back in my chair, interlocking my fingers behind my head and gazing up at the ceiling.

         ‘Someone explain to me what this company is missing,’ I asked of the packed boardroom, keenly aware of how enraptured they were – had to be – as I spoke. ‘Anyone?’

         ‘Uh… quarterly profits have dipped, slightly,’ my bloated CFO blabbered from beside me. ‘But nothing to be concerned about. More of a fluctuation than a trend.’

         ‘Was that what I asked?’ I frowned. ‘I could have sworn I asked what this company was missing, not what the status of our quarterly profits was. No?’

I tried not to smile as every single man at the table gulped in fright.


Some more nervous chattering echoed around the room.

‘Brand recognition,’ a new voice called out.

I raised an eyebrow, intrigued, and un-swung my chair.

‘Who said that?’

A man, younger than everyone around him by a solid decade, raised a confident hand.

‘Go on,’ I gestured. He nodded in return.

‘We need to find the best 2D animation company to hire. Near me, where I’m from, that isn’t cheap – but it’ll be worth it just in brand awareness alone.’

The rest of the room shifted uncomfortably, a general air of who is this guy? bubbling through the atmosphere. I allowed a small smirk to slip its way onto my face.

‘And where is that?’ I asked.

‘Sir?’ the man frowned.

‘Where you’re from,’ I went on. ‘Tell me – where is that?’

He smiled politely, clearly not comfortable with the question. Fascinating, I noted, filing that bit of information away for later use.

‘Melbourne,’ he said, eventually. ‘I used to work closely with some of the best video production companies in Melbourne. It’s a tight field – they know their stuff.’

I nodded, intrigued.

‘And you think this could help us?’

‘I think it’s actively hurting us not to try,’ he said quickly, the swagger returning.

I burst out laughing and gestured for my assistant.

‘Get this man whatever he asks for… he has one month to change my mind.’