Our Promotional Video


I run a real estate agency and I’m finding we’re not getting enough traction on our website or any of our listings. I don’t know what stigma there is surrounding real estate agents, but there seems to be this whole thing that makes people think real estate agents are shifty and are only out to get money. My agency is not like that. I’ve spent the last fifteen years putting this agency together so we could serve people with transparency and help them get the living arrangement they want and need. Unfortunately, as time has gone on, I have noticed such a negative attitude towards real estate agents. I want to contact a Melbourne-based video production company so they can help me shoot some videos of the team so we can raise brand awareness and debunk common real estate agent myths.

I put my idea to the team, but they all expressed that they were nervous speaking on camera. It amused me that this was a concern they had. It’s as if they forgot that on a daily basis they’re speaking to people and trying to close deals. To me, that’s a lot more intimidating than speaking on camera! After some long chats, I managed to convince them all to take part. You should have seen everyone on photoshoot day. Suddenly everyone had a new suit or frock that they were wearing, and they had their best pieces of dialogue prepared for the camera.

I have decided to hire professional editors for post-production services. I toyed with the idea of editing the videos myself, as I have done a bit of video editing for the property display videos on the website, but I’ve decided to keep it all professional. Experienced editors will do a much better job of keeping the videos sleek and interesting. 

I’m looking forward to being able to share these videos on the website once they are completed. A lot of market research I have done in the last year has suggested that video can be a very successful marketing tool.

Video Production Salvation

I swung back in my chair, interlocking my fingers behind my head and gazing up at the ceiling.

         ‘Someone explain to me what this company is missing,’ I asked of the packed boardroom, keenly aware of how enraptured they were – had to be – as I spoke. ‘Anyone?’

         ‘Uh… quarterly profits have dipped, slightly,’ my bloated CFO blabbered from beside me. ‘But nothing to be concerned about. More of a fluctuation than a trend.’

         ‘Was that what I asked?’ I frowned. ‘I could have sworn I asked what this company was missing, not what the status of our quarterly profits was. No?’

I tried not to smile as every single man at the table gulped in fright.


Some more nervous chattering echoed around the room.

‘Brand recognition,’ a new voice called out.

I raised an eyebrow, intrigued, and un-swung my chair.

‘Who said that?’

A man, younger than everyone around him by a solid decade, raised a confident hand.

‘Go on,’ I gestured. He nodded in return.

‘We need to find the best 2D animation company to hire. Near me, where I’m from, that isn’t cheap – but it’ll be worth it just in brand awareness alone.’

The rest of the room shifted uncomfortably, a general air of who is this guy? bubbling through the atmosphere. I allowed a small smirk to slip its way onto my face.

‘And where is that?’ I asked.

‘Sir?’ the man frowned.

‘Where you’re from,’ I went on. ‘Tell me – where is that?’

He smiled politely, clearly not comfortable with the question. Fascinating, I noted, filing that bit of information away for later use.

‘Melbourne,’ he said, eventually. ‘I used to work closely with some of the best video production companies in Melbourne. It’s a tight field – they know their stuff.’

I nodded, intrigued.

‘And you think this could help us?’

‘I think it’s actively hurting us not to try,’ he said quickly, the swagger returning.

I burst out laughing and gestured for my assistant.

‘Get this man whatever he asks for… he has one month to change my mind.’