Meteor Engine’s Purpose

The city was abuzz with excitement and trepidation. Just a day after the Meteor Engine heist, every television, radio, and holo-screen in Melbourne and beyond broadcast the same event: Dr. Lyria Klaw’s unexpected press conference.

In front of a backdrop featuring the stolen Meteor Engine, Dr. Klaw addressed the masses, her voice echoing with both determination and mischief. “People of Earth, behold the power of the Meteor Engine, installed by an expert mechanic near Raceview” she began, pointing to the glowing machinery. “With it, I have the power to tear through the very fabric of time.”

Gasps and murmurs spread through the audience. Time travel? It seemed impossible. But then, so had the theft of the Meteor Engine.

“But why?” she continued with a smirk, “Why harness such unparalleled power?”

Taking a dramatic pause, she announced her intent: “To ensure Brisbane triumphs in the 2023 AFL Grand Final, and Collingwood faces a historic defeat!”

Melbourne, renowned for its undying love for football, was in an uproar. People exchanged confused glances. Some jeered, while others cheered. Could this really be her grand plan?

Dr. Klaw explained, “With a simple tweak, ensuring Brisbane is given that free kick in the final minutes, history will change!”

Now, it was no secret that while Melbourne boasted many Collingwood supporters, a considerable faction wasn’t particularly fond of the team. Debates raged in homes, offices, and even while people were getting their car maintenance done – folks couldn’t help but weigh in on the situation.

Surprisingly, the consensus seemed to emerge that maybe, just maybe, Dr. Klaw was onto something. The notion of Collingwood facing such a defeat was tantalising to many. Melbourne, in an unexpected twist, decided not to oppose Dr. Klaw’s temporal mission.

With the city’s unexpected blessing, Dr. Klaw began her preparations to venture into the annals of history. Whether her journey would be successful, only time would tell. But for now, Melbourne revelled in the prospect of a rewritten 2023 Grand Final, proving once again that in the world of sports, passions and rivalries knew no bounds.


The Metal Revolution

After the astounding meteor event that lit up Melbourne’s skies, the city found itself at the centre of global attention. To recap, not only did the meteor leave an impressive crater, but it brought with it an alien alloy, unique in its composition and teeming with untapped potential.

Melbourne’s premier metal suppliers near Melbourne didn’t waste a moment. Teaming up with a consortium of the world’s best engineers and scientists, they delved into the challenge of harnessing this extraterrestrial gift. Their ambitious proposition? To create an engine, powered by the alloy.

The path to creation wasn’t without its hurdles. The alloy’s incredible strength and unparalleled heat resistance made it a challenge for even the best structural steel fabricators that deliver to Melbourne. Conventional tools broke or melted. Traditional techniques were rendered moot. A myriad of new methodologies had to be devised, tested, and refined to mould and shape the alien metal. Hours turned into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months.

Then, the day arrived. After tireless effort, the “Meteor Engine” was unveiled. Sleek and humming with contained energy, it was nothing short of an engineering marvel. The tests were unequivocal; this engine could output energy levels that had been purely the stuff of science fiction. The world had a new power source, and it was both staggeringly efficient and astoundingly green.

The global impact was instantaneous. From New York to Nairobi, the world’s eyes turned to Melbourne. Countries facing energy shortages saw a beacon of hope. Environmentalists celebrated the prospects of an eco-friendly powerhouse. Business magnates, researchers, and policy-makers flocked to Melbourne, eager to understand and, if possible, replicate the wonder that was the Meteor Engine.

In closing, as Melbourne basked in its newfound limelight, there was a collective reflection. A simple stroke of cosmic luck had transformed the city’s destiny. The universe, in its vastness, had chosen Melbourne to be not just a player on the global stage but the stage itself. The city stood not only as a testament to human ingenuity but also as a humble reminder of the serendipities the cosmos could bestow.

A Cold Confrontation

I’ve been in this game long enough to know every case has its tipping point. For this ‘cool’ case, it happened in a gallery in Beaumaris. The perfect setting for our final face-off.

The gallery was like a fortress, but with one Achilles heel – the air conditioning service business close to Beaumaris had recently installed a state-of-the-art cooling system. A siren call for our thief. Little did they know, it was also our battleground.

Walking through the dimly lit halls, the paintings seemed to come alive in the quiet. I could almost hear the whisper of the stolen ones amongst them, a silent plea for rescue. This was it. This was where it would end.

I had come prepared. I knew every nook and cranny of the cooling system, every duct, and every vent. Years of dealing with air conditioning installation businesses near Cheltenham had given me an almost instinctual knowledge of these systems.

As I expected, the thief was already there, hidden amongst the shadows. There was a moment of stillness, the calm before the storm, as we recognised each other. Then the game began.

We darted around the gallery, a deadly dance amongst priceless masterpieces. The thief was agile, but I was smarter. I cornered him in the main hall. The end was near.

Using the air conditioning control panel, I turned up the cold to full blast. The sudden drop in temperature took the thief by surprise. He lost his footing on the slick marble floor, and I made my move.

With a triumphant grin, I cuffed the shivering thief, ending the coldest chase Melbourne had ever seen. The stolen masterpieces were finally safe. There’s nothing like the thrill of a solved case, especially one as cool as this.

Finally, the lost were found, the culprit behind bars. As I handed over the stolen artwork to its rightful owners, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of satisfaction. This case was closed, but I was sure Melbourne would soon have another mystery for me to solve.


The Canopy Begins

In the vibrant city of Melbourne, young Marty McDrive’s life was as ordinary as it could get. That was, until one day, when he was asked to help his eccentric neighbour, Doc Tray, move some items in his cluttered garage. Amongst the mountains of gadgets and machinery, Marty’s eyes were drawn to a dusty old ute, shrouded in tarpaulin.

As he pulled off the tarp, he was amazed at how pristine it looked. The aluminium ute canopy, in particular, shimmered despite the layers of dust. Unable to contain his excitement, Doc Tray revealed the incredible secret that the ute’s aluminium canopy had the capability to harness energy for time travel!

Despite Doc’s stern warning about the dangers of time travel, curiosity got the better of Marty. He hopped into the ute, and before he knew it, he was catapulted back to the 1930s, where the roads of Melbourne were bustling with classic vehicles.

Marty soon learnt that he had arrived at a pivotal moment in Australian automotive history – the inception of ute trays. He met Lewis Brandt, the original inventor of the ute, who seemed disheartened. Lewis was about to give up on his innovation, as there were not many takers for ute trays.

Realising the significance of ute trays in shaping modern-day transport, Marty decided he had to act. He shared stories from the future, of how Lewis’s invention would not only be embraced but also evolve. He spoke of how there would be businesses for installing ute trays near Melbourne.

Inspired and rejuvenated, Lewis thanked Marty and promised to continue his work with renewed vigour. Marty hopped back into the ute, setting the dials to return to the present day, hoping to find a thriving market with ute trays and aluminium ute canopies for sale.

Upon his arrival, he shared the thrilling adventure with Doc Tray. Doc listened intently, and while he was glad that Marty had done something positive, he warned him of the potential consequences of meddling with time.

As Marty looked at the ute with the shimmering aluminium canopy that had taken him on this incredible journey, he made a silent vow to respect the past and the innovations that shaped the present.

Gears of Destiny

The Falcon Wagon was alive with activity. Lucky, Ben, and Han were at the local garage surrounded by skilled mechanics working on the car. Lucky, still holding the Wrench of the Ancients, was eager to infuse the Falcon Wagon with its power. Once he was done, there would be no need to book an appointment with a Raceview mechanic for specialised enhancements.

Lucky approached the chief mechanic, Arnie Gearshaft. He asked if they could integrate some upgrades into the Falcon Wagon’s service. “Our garage specialises in car maintenance and custom upgrades. We can get it done,” said Arnie.

While the mechanics were hard at work, Lucky, guided by the mystical energies of the Wrench of the Ancients, started to channel the knowledge of his ancestors. As sparks flew and engines roared, the Falcon Wagon was transformed into a mechanical marvel, harmonising ancient wisdom with modern technology.

As night fell, the townspeople of Raceview gathered to bid farewell to the travellers. Old Man Gearsmith approached Lucky with a tear in his eye. “Your father would be proud,” he whispered. “Now go and bring hope back to the world of mechanics.”

The following morning, the Falcon Wagon was ready to leave. The car, now upgraded, gleamed under the rising sun, its engines purring with raw power. Arnie handed Lucky a custom toolkit as a parting gift. “You might need this,” he grinned.

As the Falcon Wagon roared out of Raceview, Lucky felt a deep connection with the road, the car, and the legacy he was a part of. Ben looked at Lucky with a wise smile. “We are going to need your skills and that ancient wrench in Melbourne,” he said. “Take good care of it. That is the tool of the Mechanics, peacekeepers of the roads.”

“That’s all hokey magic,” said Han wryly. “Can’t beat a good car jack by your side, and that’s a fact.”

Lucky looked down the highway, his resolve steeled. The spirit of his father and the hopes of mechanics everywhere rode with him. The Gears of Destiny were set in motion.

The Chef Renovation

After more than a decade as a chef at a renowned local restaurant, I’ve come to the realisation that it’s time for a career change. While I have a deep affection for the fast-paced nature of the culinary industry and the joy of interacting with customers, I yearn for professional growth beyond the limitations of becoming a manager or owner. That’s why I’ve set my sights on utilising my skills in a different field: a bathroom renovation company.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed my brother skillfully transform numerous bathrooms for our family and friends, and the results have been impressive. As they still stand strong to this day, it confirms that the fundamental aspect of any renovation is ensuring its longevity. Engaging in ongoing correspondence with the bathroom renovation company, it’s clear that they are eager for me to join their team. In fact, I had a dream last night in which I started as an apprentice and gradually worked my way up to a more senior role, gaining valuable experience along the way.

As a craftsman, I understand the significance of not only possessing the technical skills required to repair and renovate various bathroom elements such as sinks, plumbing, showers, and tiles but also the ability to generate innovative ideas and layouts. Design has always captivated my attention, and I envision my new colleagues, who are part of one of the most esteemed groups of bathroom designers in Melbourne, fostering my passion and nurturing my creative eye.

For months now, I’ve diligently maintained a small notebook brimming with bathroom floor plan sketches, grout types, and even precise measurements of shower glass thickness. This endeavour is more than just a job; it is a true calling that ignites a fire within me. The opportunity to embark on this journey properly fills me with excitement and anticipation.

I am ready to step into this new chapter, to unleash my design prowess and expertise, and to make a lasting impact on the world of bathroom renovations. With each project, I aim to create spaces that embody both functionality and aesthetic splendour, allowing individuals to experience the transformative power of a thoughtfully designed bathroom.

The Historical House


Residing in a charming, aged suburb, Bob acknowledged its historical significance. While not the oldest neighbourhood in Melbourne, it exuded a rich tradition that fascinated him. The area was adorned with numerous homes; some were even heritage-listed, reflecting a bygone era. Many structures were crafted by history enthusiasts, preserving the essence of the good old days. Others belonged to content holidaymakers, cherishing their charming, unassuming beach cottages. Despite his desire for a modern touch, Bob hesitated to renovate his own house due to the stark contrast it would create among the brown brick houses with traditional roof tiles on his street. He didn’t want his home to stand out too conspicuously.

Seeking guidance and inspired by modern architectural styles, Bob sought counsel from the expertise of modern architectural home builders. These professionals were well-versed in building codes, ensuring that any renovations he pursued would remain compliant with legal boundaries. He intended to confide in them about his concerns regarding building a modern home in a neighbourhood steeped in tradition. Bob trusted that their extensive experience would enable them to create the ideal design for him—a design that harmonised his modern aesthetic with the surrounding architecture. His friend had recommended a company renowned as one of the best custom contemporary style home designers on the Mornington Peninsula. Bob held his friend’s opinion in high regard, knowing that their own exquisitely designed house had earned award nominations.

Eagerly anticipating the collaboration, Bob was bubbling with numerous cool ideas he hoped the architects could incorporate. Among his envisioned features were a luxurious bathroom fit for royalty, a spacious dining room capable of hosting several dozen guests, and smart technology seamlessly connecting every appliance, including the garage. With anticipation and a touch of nervousness, Bob awaited the architects’ approval, eager to commence the transformation of his home into a modern haven that would seamlessly blend with the cherished traditions of his beloved suburb.

Hunting Moster Cars

Greetings, everyone! I’m Daisy, and I’m thrilled to be this week’s guest writer, sharing my unique occupation with you all. Can you guess what I do? Well, let me tell you—I’m a monster hunter! Yes, it’s not your everyday job, and I guarantee you probably haven’t met anyone else with the same profession. My daily routine involves hopping into my car and traversing the country in search of new and intriguing monsters to face. The leads often come from newspapers or through calls from concerned individuals who spot these creatures in public places.

Given the nature of my work, my car becomes my trusty companion, and I frequent the local car service store Moorabbin has quite often. Moorabbin has become the ideal location for my operations, and I’ve called this place home for a few years now. To accommodate all my hunting gear, I have a specialised garage in my house, ensuring everything is in order and ready for action. And before you worry, rest assured, I’m fully qualified for this exceptional occupation, holding the necessary licenses to own and utilise these specialised tools.

Now, you might think monster hunting would be a highly dangerous pursuit, but with the right training and skills, it becomes more manageable. Of course, expenses can add up occasionally, especially when I need to book a car air con regas, which seems to happen quite frequently. The main challenge, however, lies in ensuring public safety during confrontations with the creatures. Inside my home, you’ll find shelves filled with intriguing gadgets, but unfortunately, I can’t share pictures of them with you. These are valuable tools of the trade that I hope to pass on to an aspiring apprentice one day.

I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into the world of monster hunting. Stay tuned for more throughout the week as I delve into specific aspects of my extraordinary job and share the thrills and challenges it entails. It’s an unconventional occupation, but one that fills my life with excitement and purpose!

Renovating and Designing

I’m moving into a new house next week, or rather, a house that’s new to me. It’s a century-old house in the inner city that hasn’t been renovated in years. You can probably imagine the state it’s in. But that’s exactly why I bought it – I love renovations and want to redo it to my own standards. However, when it comes to the bathroom, I know I’ll need the help of a professional bathroom renovation company based near Melbourne.

While I have experience with interior decoration and surface repairs, plumbing and electricity are not my areas of expertise. I know it’s best to leave those complicated tasks to the experts. The last thing I want is to accidentally cause a leak or damage the newly installed tiles and wet paint in my bathroom. So, I’ll be relying on a professional bathroom renovation company to handle the technical aspects. Of course, I also need to consider the cost of a new bathroom renovation. I’ll need a new stainless steel sink, grout repairs, tiling, lighting, and a complete overhaul of the shower. It’s likely to be a significant expense, but I’ve been preparing for this move for a while, so I should have enough funds to cover the renovations.

I’ve been researching different companies and their pricing to ensure that I stay within my budget. I know there are reputable companies that offer quality services at reasonable prices. I’m open to recommendations, so if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment with your thoughts. I’ll read through all of them and take them into consideration. As excited as I am about renovating my new home, I’m also mindful of the cost. I want to make sure I choose a renovation company that can provide excellent workmanship while still being affordable. It’s all about finding the right balance between quality and affordability. I can’t wait to see the transformation of my bathroom and my entire new home, and I’m confident that with the right company, it will be worth every penny.

Beach Day Battery

The sun was shining brightly as the Wilson family packed up their car for a day at the beach. They were headed to their favourite beach spot, which was a few hours’ drive from their home. Mr. Wilson, being a responsible car owner, had recently taken his car for a log book service at a trusted auto electrical shop Toowoomba had to ensure it was in top condition for the trip.

As they arrived at the beach, the Wilson family eagerly unloaded their beach chairs, umbrellas, and a cooler full of snacks and drinks. The kids wasted no time running towards the sparkling blue waves, while Mrs. Wilson set up their beach spot and Mr. Wilson spread out a large beach towel to relax. The family spent the day building sandcastles, playing in the waves, and soaking up the warm sun. They even took a long walk along the shore, collecting seashells and enjoying the breathtaking ocean view. It was a perfect day at the beach, and the Wilson family was having a blast.

As the night grew darker, Mr. Wilson realised that he had left the car lights on earlier, and now the car battery was drained. He remembered that the mechanic had also provided him with a set of jumper cables during the log book service. He retrieved them from the trunk and skillfully jump-started the car, much to the relief of the whole family. With the car running again, the Wilson family packed up their beach gear and bid farewell to the beautiful beach. They drove back home to Toowoomba, grateful for the reliable log book service that had ensured their car was in good condition for the trip. The next day, Mr. Wilson made sure to take his car to the auto electrical shop to get the battery checked, just to be safe. He was grateful for the prompt service and expertise of the technicians, who quickly diagnosed a minor issue and fixed it, ensuring the car was ready for their next adventure.