Meteor Engine’s Purpose

The city was abuzz with excitement and trepidation. Just a day after the Meteor Engine heist, every television, radio, and holo-screen in Melbourne and beyond broadcast the same event: Dr. Lyria Klaw’s unexpected press conference.

In front of a backdrop featuring the stolen Meteor Engine, Dr. Klaw addressed the masses, her voice echoing with both determination and mischief. “People of Earth, behold the power of the Meteor Engine, installed by an expert mechanic near Raceview” she began, pointing to the glowing machinery. “With it, I have the power to tear through the very fabric of time.”

Gasps and murmurs spread through the audience. Time travel? It seemed impossible. But then, so had the theft of the Meteor Engine.

“But why?” she continued with a smirk, “Why harness such unparalleled power?”

Taking a dramatic pause, she announced her intent: “To ensure Brisbane triumphs in the 2023 AFL Grand Final, and Collingwood faces a historic defeat!”

Melbourne, renowned for its undying love for football, was in an uproar. People exchanged confused glances. Some jeered, while others cheered. Could this really be her grand plan?

Dr. Klaw explained, “With a simple tweak, ensuring Brisbane is given that free kick in the final minutes, history will change!”

Now, it was no secret that while Melbourne boasted many Collingwood supporters, a considerable faction wasn’t particularly fond of the team. Debates raged in homes, offices, and even while people were getting their car maintenance done – folks couldn’t help but weigh in on the situation.

Surprisingly, the consensus seemed to emerge that maybe, just maybe, Dr. Klaw was onto something. The notion of Collingwood facing such a defeat was tantalising to many. Melbourne, in an unexpected twist, decided not to oppose Dr. Klaw’s temporal mission.

With the city’s unexpected blessing, Dr. Klaw began her preparations to venture into the annals of history. Whether her journey would be successful, only time would tell. But for now, Melbourne revelled in the prospect of a rewritten 2023 Grand Final, proving once again that in the world of sports, passions and rivalries knew no bounds.