The Apple Bar

Are you looking for the hottest new bar on the scene? A place with live music and a happy hour? Drunk university students and stickers on the walls?

Then you’re in the wrong place, friend.

The Apple Bar is the latest innovation in cool, minimalist luxury, designed by a New York firm to bring elegance and sophistication into the pristine establishment. 

What makes us different?

Tucked away in a picturesque Melbourne laneway, this exclusive bar caters to the absolute cream of the crop, with hard limits on our membership numbers and an even smaller list of people who are allowed to physically visit our location. Non-visiting members are given exclusive early access to our social media postings and a quarterly cocktail menu devised by the very brilliant Jacques Cockatãel (his mother is French, his father Spanish).

Information on how to join this tier of membership is available below.

Exclusivity isn’t all we offer our most valued clients, however. The Apple Bar is an incredible place to spend an evening, as the dulcet tones of a see-through Baby Grand whisper their way through the cosy space. The pianist, multiple-award-winning artist Leon Kelroy, is one of our generation’s greatest talents and we were delighted to welcome him for a strictly limited residency.

Leon is, of course, blindfolded for the entirety of his performance – as a non-visiting member, he isn’t allowed to know the clientele who frequent our hall, nor the shape of the rooms or even the very location of The Apple Bar himself. To ensure this, he ends every night with a particularly “strong” cocktail, and wakes up in his bed the next morning without having to worry about his commute.

If you’re the elite of the elite, the fixed pole around which your social circle turns – feel free to apply for a place at The Apple Bar. Who knows? You might just be worthy of a spot after all.