Needed Car Repair

You know what? There are some real nasty people out there but I don’t think anyone is as nasty as this one workmate. He’s got a higher up job than me and I can tell he thinks he’s so much better than I am, simply by the way he speaks to me. He makes all these quick jabs about how I work in the mailroom and look like ‘the lights are on but nobody’s home’. It’s a bit rich coming from a guy who has ears that could probably fly him to another country. 

Now, I’m a happy-go-lucky kinda guy who makes the most of every situation. I was excited when my work announced that we’d be going on a scavenger hunt interstate. I thought it would be a great way to bonder with a fellow colleague. Clearly, Tim had different things in mind. He’s rejected every attempt I’ve made to socialise with him. He’s also put me down a lot. I could’ve sworn he told me to find a log book service mechanic near Adelaide. Instead, now he’s giving me silent treatment because a light is flashing and I should’ve apparently booked a service to be done in our state before we left. Maybe he’s right. I am starting to see his point but there’s absolutely no reason why he had to be so damn rude!

I’ve caught him staring a few times at my teeth like I’m unaware that they’re bucked. At least I have self-awareness. I wonder if Tim knows his ears are the cause of 80% of UFO sightings. At least he has the money to get his ears pinned back. I don’t have money to get my teeth fixed. I work in the mailroom! Heck, I don’t even have money for a simple car repair.

I thought I was doing the nice thing too by offering my car up for the drive. It’s more environmentally friendly than Tim’s sports car but also a lot less expensive. I figured if any car was to get damaged or hit a kangaroo, I’d let it be mine.