Dad’s Mechanic Suggestion

I’d say that I am reasonably independent. I have a good, stable job and plenty of savings. I’m also someone who engages in a lot of hobbies in my spare time. The only thing that makes me not independent is the fact I live at home. I’ve made the conscious choice to not move out because I want to save my money so I can purchase a home. Unfortunately, this sort of living arrangement can have its ups and downs. The main downside is that everyone is heavily involved in my life. They also know what I’m up to and what’s going on. This can sometimes be a good thing as I have a constant support network, but it is hard for times when I need some privacy. 

For example, if I want to stay at a friend’s house, my parents will always know because they’ll realise that I’m not home. This isn’t a huge issue, but it does get annoying when they start grilling me about whose house I am at. Sometimes I just don’t want to share that information!

The most recent, slightly annoying discussion to happen was my dad hassling me about my car. I get it, he wants my car to be kept in good condition, but now he’s pressuring me to visit the most recommended mechanic near Moorabbin. If he’s so recommended, how come I’ve never heard of him? It’s typical of dads to always think they know the best guy for the job. Look, I might be mocking my dad right now but he’s always right when it comes to this stuff. I think what annoys me most is that he’s pressuring me to spend money on a professional log book service when my car is fine. Services can feel like such a waste of money, but I do understand the value. A car service will at least help me identify any issues with my car before they get worse. A stubborn part of me would rather I take my car for a service when I want and not be told by my dad.