The Tree Tattoo


I had been thinking about getting a cover up tattoo for a while now. I had an old tattoo on my wrist that I had gotten when I was younger, and that style of tattoo didn’t suit me anymore. I wanted something that would better reflect who I am now. I decided to go looking for tattoo artists who offered cover up tattoos, and I found a minimalist tattooist. Brisbane had several tattoo  artists advertised, but when I looked through their portfolios, there was only one artist that really stood out to me. Their work was stunning – simple and elegant designs that made a big statement. I knew that this was the artist I wanted to work with to cover up my old tattoo. When I arrived at the shop, I was greeted by a friendly staff member who showed me to the artist’s station. The artist listened carefully to my request and took the time to understand what I wanted. Together, we worked on a design that would not only cover up the old tattoo, but also be a masterpiece in its own right. The artist suggested a minimalist design, a simple line drawing of a tree that would wrap around my wrist. As they began to work on the tattoo, I watched in amazement. When the tattoo was finished, I was amazed at how different my wrist looked. The old tattoo was gone, replaced by a simple and elegant design that suited me perfectly. I thanked the artist for their work, and they smiled and said that they were glad to have helped. When I first went looking for cover up tattoo artists near me, I didn’t think that I would have found one that was so talented. I know that now whenever I need a new tattoo, I’ll go back to this artist. While I was in their shop, I saw all their other designs along the walls, and some of them were amazing. I’m going to save up for another tattoo and return to their store soon.