The Tree Tattoo


I had been thinking about getting a cover up tattoo for a while now. I had an old tattoo on my wrist that I had gotten when I was younger, and that style of tattoo didn’t suit me anymore. I wanted something that would better reflect who I am now. I decided to go looking for tattoo artists who offered cover up tattoos, and I found a minimalist tattooist. Brisbane had several tattoo  artists advertised, but when I looked through their portfolios, there was only one artist that really stood out to me. Their work was stunning – simple and elegant designs that made a big statement. I knew that this was the artist I wanted to work with to cover up my old tattoo. When I arrived at the shop, I was greeted by a friendly staff member who showed me to the artist’s station. The artist listened carefully to my request and took the time to understand what I wanted. Together, we worked on a design that would not only cover up the old tattoo, but also be a masterpiece in its own right. The artist suggested a minimalist design, a simple line drawing of a tree that would wrap around my wrist. As they began to work on the tattoo, I watched in amazement. When the tattoo was finished, I was amazed at how different my wrist looked. The old tattoo was gone, replaced by a simple and elegant design that suited me perfectly. I thanked the artist for their work, and they smiled and said that they were glad to have helped. When I first went looking for cover up tattoo artists near me, I didn’t think that I would have found one that was so talented. I know that now whenever I need a new tattoo, I’ll go back to this artist. While I was in their shop, I saw all their other designs along the walls, and some of them were amazing. I’m going to save up for another tattoo and return to their store soon.

Tattoo Rush

I’ve never been someone who goes chasing adrenaline. In fact, there are very few things that have successfully given me the rush that many people chase. I’ve driven on race tracks, been sky-diving, escaped an armed robbery, and travelled all over the world. None of those events have ever successfully made my heart feel like it’s about to beat out of my chest. That’s until I got my first tattoo. I never thought the tattooing process would be something appealing to me. Personally, I never understood people who would become addicted to tattoos. The idea of sitting in a chair for hours on end while someone pricks you with a needle never appealed to me. 

I’d always be dismissive of anyone who’d try to get too poetic about getting tattooed, but now I get it. Getting my first tattoo from the best realism tattoo artist in Brisbane, opened me up to a whole new world. As soon as that first needle touched my skin, I felt a wave of adrenaline wash throughout my body. This was like nothing I’d ever experienced in my life. My heart was racing, and I felt tickled but I also felt pain. I felt rewarded but also nervous. Never in my life had I had such a wave of conflicting emotions. There were also times when the tattooing felt totally comfortable, and other times when it borderlined on unbearable. I didn’t know what level of pain to expect, that’s what was amazing. Then I’d continue to watch the artist put this permanent ink on my skin. Every stroke they made was going to be there for the rest of my life.

I knew I had picked the correct tattoo shop. Near Brisbane is a popular place to get tattooed as there are many options. When I walked out of that eight-hour tattooing session, I felt a convoluted mix of rejuvenated and exhausted. I was walking out a new me with a new experience, but at the same time, the sitting for so long and pain had knocked the life out of me. That is adrenaline.