Keeping Residence Icy

The cooling is pretty important where I work. If you think about it for like, three seconds, you’ll figure out exactly what I mean. Elderly people need a certain level of comfort, because their temperatures just don’t really work the way they used to. So yeah, we just need some really good cooling to keep them comfortable and…the opposite thing. Gets a bit hot for me sometimes, but whatever. It’s just part of the job.

Yesterday, some guy from a company that offers Hawthorn based air con servicing came down to talk to us about our system. I explained the super-extreme importance of keeping all of our residents happy. I guess this is a regular summer thing, from what I’ve heard. We get the same spiel from the same people about what we’ve already been doing. But people DO come here to be comfortable, so it makes sense.

Now we have an extra duty of going through every room in the building and making sure they’re properly chilly. We’ll have to do the same thing in winter, too. If I’m even here then. Seems like a long way off, is what I’m saying.

Otherwise, it’s pretty cool having that rule (rhyme and pun not intended), because it means we’ll always be cool. Seriously, some of these mornings have been flippin’ freezing, and getting to work to find the whole place perfect? It’s the best. I guess it’s because people live here, and we have to keep everything toasty all the time.

I have to say a special thanks to the very best air con servicing Hampton has ever seen.

We have nothing to worry about. If no one else pays attention to all the heat stuff, I know I will.