Inspiring Timber Construction

‘I’ve never seen anything quite so…’ I frowned, searching for the word.

         ‘Inspired?’ my partner suggested, brow furrowed in artistic concentration, analysing my every slight reaction to his piece.

         ‘No.’ I shook my head and laughed as he deflated slightly. ‘Not in a negative way,’ I said, soothing his ego back into shape. ‘Just… it defies explanation. Does it have a name?’

         ‘Not yet.’ He shook his head. ‘To be honest, it’s perplexing me a little bit too, and I sculpted the damn thing.’

         I took another walk around the piece, a colourless behemoth of strong lines and vague gestures.

‘Materials?’ I asked.

‘Whatever I had lying around.’ He shrugged. ‘Wood, mostly. A few different screws and bolts, some wire. I think there’s some electrical tape in there somewhere too…’

‘You should name it after the local hardware store in Cheltenham,’ I giggled, and he tipped his head in appreciation of my joke.

‘I don’t want to deal with a trademark dispute this early in my career.’ He laughed. ‘But I like the idea. Very conceptual. I’ll shelve it for later when I’m a cultural icon with millions of dollars and can throw my weight around.’

‘Any day now.’ I nodded, crouching down to examine the table. ‘Is this part of the piece?’

‘The table? Yeah, I just threw it together so it didn’t have to sit on my floor anymore.’

‘What’s it made of?’ I asked, running a tentative finger across the top.

‘Uh…’ he frowned. ‘Wood, I guess? I found it in the same scrap pile that most of the piece came from.’

‘So it is a part of it,’ I nodded, breathless. ‘The same Genesis.’

‘Just decent, good quality Cheltenham timber,’ he said, eyebrow cocked. ‘You feeling alright?’

‘Just… inspired,’ I said quietly. ‘Truly, inspired.’

‘Right…’ he frowned again. ‘Do you… need a minute?’

I straightened up slowly, closing my eyes and breathing in deeply through my nose. I turned back to him with a smile.

‘Would you mind?’