Sneaky Office Design 







‘So,’ I grunted, waving my torch in my accomplice’s face. ‘This is your idea of a good time, huh?’

         ‘Get that thing out of my face,’ he hissed, holding a gloved hand in front of his eyes. ‘Damien assured me you were a professional.’

         ‘Did he now?’ I chuckled, the sound echoing through the empty office space. ‘I have no clue where he got that impression.’

         ‘You two haven’t worked together before?’ the man asked me, his frown visible even behind the balaclava.

         ‘Oh, no, we have,’ I sighed, waving my torch around the maze of cubicles. ‘Just wasn’t anything professional about it.

         ‘Would you cut that out?’ he hissed again, dashing the few steps over to me and ripping the torch out of my hand. ‘People are going to see us!’

         ‘Oh, relax,’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Nobody cares. For all anyone on the street knows, we work for a company that does office design around Melbourne, trying to get the leg-up on the competition after hours.’

         I laughed again, but the humour was lost on my stoic companion.

         ‘Look,’ he grunted, ‘let’s just get what we came here for and then get out.’

         ‘If you want to be boring about it,’ I sighed. ‘But whatever. You’re footing the bill. Where are we looking, anyhow?’

         ‘That office,’ he pointed at the end of the row. I let out a cautious whistle.

         ‘Corner office,’ I nodded. ‘Pretty fancy mark you’ve got there.’

         ‘Yeah, something like that,’ he murmured. ‘Let’s just move, before a janitor sees us.’

         ‘Like I said,’ I bemoaned, for dramatic effect. ‘We’re innocent employees of a company that designs commercial fitouts for offices in Melbourne – if you don’t start singing the same tune as me, that’s how you end up caught.’

         ‘It’s a stupid tune!’ he growled. ‘Nobody would ever believe that!’

         ‘Wouldn’t they?’ I asked, arching my eyebrow, then realised that he couldn’t actually see the movement.

         He leant in close, eyes narrowed into a truly haunting glare.

         ‘Why don’t you ask him?’ he whispered, pointing behind me.

Office Conflict Resolved

As some of you may be aware, there has been some upheaval here in our soap company. What started out as a team of young girls who were eager to work together and create something they love, had turned into a battle of ego. It has been a difficult time and I have found myself caught in the middle of many discussions. After ten years of operating a certain way, we came to the conclusion that we needed an update. Unfortunately, this update is what started tearing the group apart. 

We were all for the idea of working together to find a Melbourne-based office design specialist. The boiling point for our little team breaking down was when two members of the team decided it would be a good idea to make our plans public to our customer base. I wasn’t for or against this idea, but there were other members of our team who did not want our new renovation updates to be shared with our customers just yet. Personally, I think the biggest problem was that they were not kept abreast of what communication would be going out. This sadly caused a rift in our crew.

I came up with a great idea to get all the girls together for a lovely weekend getaway. Everyone was able to vent their frustrations with our soap company, and by the end of the weekend, we were back to the close-knit girls we were ten years ago. Running a business can change people. Especially if it was a business you established in high school. We took a step back from the recent stresses and remembered what a great empire we have created. We are the leading soap manufacturers and retailers in Australia!

After long discussions, we realised we deserved a new office fitout. Melbourne is where the majority of our customer base resides, so it was a no-brainer that this is where we should be setting up.

As a team, we have met with the designer and seen sketches for our new office. They’re truly beautiful.