Alien Bathtub Anatomy

This is the story of an alien named Zor. Zor was a friendly little alien who had migrated to Earth after the great Milky Way Galactic War had begun. Since coming to Earth, Zor had enjoyed life on the blue marble of the Sol System, but he soon realised that there was a problem with human bathtubs.

See, Zor had an unusual anatomy that made human bathtubs quite uncomfortable for him. His limbs were arranged differently and his skin was much more sensitive to hot water. He found it difficult to fit in the tub and would often slip and slide around, unable to relax. Eventually, Zor decided that he would need to get a bathtub modification or two.

Zor sent out a telepathic message, hoping to get an answer to the question ‘where can I find someone to modify my bathtub close to Sydney?’ Eventually, Zor learned of a company that specialised in bathtub modifications. Zor got in contact with them, and they sent out a bathtub expert immediately.

When the expert arrived, Zor told them all about his issues and concerns. The expert immediately got to work on a plan to modify the bathtub so that it would suit Zor’s anatomy. They used special materials that were gentle on Zor’s sensitive skin and created a unique shape to suit his body. Apparently, they had worked on dozens of custom bathtub solutions for elderly aliens since the breakout of the Galactic War, so it was no problem.

Zor was incredibly grateful for the work of the bathtub expert. He knew that they had gone above and beyond to make him feel comfortable and welcomed on Earth. Based on this experience, he knew that Earth was a place where discrimination could not exist in any form, which was a nice change, given the cause of the Galactic War going on in the stars above.

You wouldn’t believe it, but those barbarians from other worlds actually thought it was okay to force other sentient creatures into servitude. Zor was very grateful to now be on a planet that would never see another being as lesser, and where discrimination did not exist.