House or Home

I’m super excited again! I can’t believe they started to have mid-season finales in Week of Our Lives, because my nerves were frayed enough with hanging out for the actual finale.

Things aren’t looking good for Remus, who came to town to sort things out with his ex-lover Patricia and also to set up the Otter Farm of his dreams. Like, literally of his dreams, because he’s been having repeated visions telling him that this otter farm is the way to salvation from a crashing meteor.

But he needs a place, right? And a really big one, too. Fortunately Patricia knows the best Melbourne based buyers agent and in a passionate reunion, she agreed to use her buyers advocate connections to help Remus find a place. Little did they know that Ingrid was watching from the shadows, jealous of their relationship since she and Remus were old high-school science project partners and he’s the one who caused the test-tube explosion that gave her an acute case of pigeon toe and also hitchhiker’s thumb. She lays a trap with the help of Manny, her old partner in crime who happens to hate all buyers advocates because his mother was tragically killed in a falling chandelier incident while viewing a home and he’s despised the home-buying business ever since (he was the one who set fire to the real estate agency, I’m pretty sure. They haven’t revealed it yet but it’s SO obvious).

So now they’ve set up a place with a nice tank for all the otters, but unbeknownst to the potential buyers, there are leaks! Structural issues! East-facing windows! Ingrid is threatening the home inspector so he’s given it the all clear, thus leaving it to Patricia’s friend and her quality Melbourne property advocacy skills to save the day. What happens next? I can’t look at the magazines in the supermarket and spoil, I just can’t.