Shoulder Surgery Train

Today has been tricky, folks, I see no point in lying about it. We all have our ups and downs, of course, especially when you get to our age, but things have been a lot harder since I hurt my shoulder so badly.

Luckily, I’ve got a great shoulder surgeon in Melbourne who really knows how to help me feel better, physically and mentally. It’s been an amazing boon, having her in my corner. She must have explained the shoulder arthroscopy procedure to me a million times now, always as patient and gentle as possible. I’ve never had the best of luck (and I’m not particularly religious), but it seems I’ve truly been sent a saint.

She also helped me to understand what exactly I’ve done to the stupid thing. Something about a torn rotator cuff? She said they’ll know exactly what they’re dealing with after the shoulder arthroscopy, of course. 

My daughters have been sweet too, during this difficult time, always bringing me soup or coming over unexpectedly with a grandchild in tow. They’re so consistent about it – there must be a spreadsheet involved somewhere down the line. My eldest, Trudy, is going to bring me to the city for my rotator cuff repair surgery. Melbourne is so far away, I keep telling her. I’ll be fine on the train by myself!

They don’t seem to believe me.

I guess that’s okay – although I don’t know how four hours in a car with Trudy is going to go. We haven’t done a road trip like that since she was a little girl, and never alone! But the thought of climbing the steps onto a train with my arm, or having to lug my bags to the hotel and the hospital… no, I am glad that she’s coming.

We’ll have to see if we can rope another sister in, though, or one of Trudy’s daughters. Maybe if I get a hold of that spreadsheet, I’d know who’s available…