Plumbing Hero Unnecessary

“You know, I thinking that maybe I should deal with this Trowser myself, for once.”

My heart jumped at the words uttered by Princess Plum. Deal with Trowser herself? That defied every tradition of the Fungus Kingdom. For hundreds of years, rulers have delegated the task of saving the kingdom to the first plumber to walk through the door. Red Mushroom Man’s friend, Marion the plumber, would arrive with Pink Mushroom Girl any minute now.

This was bad.

“Princess, are you sure that’s a good idea?” I asked, standing at her side. “This Trowser guy sounds dangerous. What would the people of your kingdom do if anything were to happen to you?”

Princess Plum simply shrugged. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out. You mushroom people are a resourceful bunch.” She nodded to herself. “Yes, I’ve made my mind up. I’m sick of needing to book drain repair close to Melbourne just to lure a plumber here to save the day. I can do it myself. Green Mushroom Man, please escort me to the armoury.”

I grumbled to myself, following the princess as she paced toward the side exit of the throne room. What was I supposed to tell Red Mushroom Man? Sorry, no adventure for Marion. Princess has decided to do it herself this time. Too bad. That wasn’t going to cut it. We were the Mushroom Rangers; nothing was impossible for us. There had to be some way to convince the princess.

“Princess, there’s something I haven’t told you,” I said, desperate to get her attention. “See, the thing is, we already found an expert at dealing with blocked drains. Melbourne plumber, as usual. It would be most rude to send him home. He is so eager to stop Trowser for us! He said that after the horrific things he’s seen while conducting drain camera inspections, nothing scares him anymore.”

The princess pursed her lips, considering my claim. For a moment, I thought she would ignore my plea. It wouldn’t matter that we had a drain professional ready to go on this insane quest. But then she sighed, flooding me with a sense of relief. 

“I suppose you’re right,” she said. The princess then smirked. “So, I’d better get ready to go with him.”

Oh no.

– Green Mushroom Man

Mother’s Drain Knowledge

What do you know guys? I was right about my daughter’s drains. We had a plumber come over and within a few minutes he successfully identified that the cause of all her drain and sewerage problems was the dog hairs collecting down the bath, and the leaves in her driveway blowing into the sewer. You know, I really did try to warn her. It seems like she resents me when I try to give her any advice. My advice never comes with bad intentions. It comes from a place of wanting to make her life easier. For example, telling her to get a plumber closer to her home. 

It was hard enough as it is to get my daughter to believe she had blocked drains. Fairfield is full of a great nightlife for young people and she was more interested in going out than sorting out the plumbing. Over and over again she would keep telling me everything is fine. Of course, everything was not fine and she ended up having to fork out a heap of money for a plumbing problem that could have been avoided.

She’s at that age where she wants to navigate life herself. I’m totally supportive of that but at the same time, she’d be wise to listen to advice from her mum. I’ve been young before and I totally understand how it is. I will say, I don’t have these issues with my other two daughters. My other two daughters and a lot more level-headed and responsible. Whenever one of them has had a plumbing issue, they’ve been right on it. One of them recently had to book a boundary trap replacement. Melbourne has plenty of plumbers she could’ve chosen from, but she did the research to find the best plumber near her. It’s small things like this that make me see my eldest and youngest daughters will be fine on their own. My middle daughter is still figuring things out, and that’s totally ok. I wish she’d see that it’s ok to ask for second opinions when making decisions.