Eye Care First

When you become a parent, your whole life changes. You start gaining a new perspective on what does and doesn’t matter in life. Things that used to bother you are now no longer an issue. Meanwhile, things that you never used to even think about have become top of mind. Having a child has definitely changed me. I have a new set of responsibilities that I need to prioritise in my life. I’d say the most important responsibility has definitely been the wellbeing of my child. I want my child to be healthy and happy. Part of my child being healthy and happy is ensuring they have good vision. Once my child turned five years old, I noticed they were struggling with things other children weren’t. My child was struggling to read signs and see things at a distance. 

As a parent, I knew that it would be wrong to ignore my child’s pleas. Especially when there were so many signs that something was wrong. My child was always squinting, holding objects very close to their face, rubbing their eyes, and really hated reading time. I knew I had to do the correct thing as a parent and book an eye test. Bentleigh has an optician not too far from me, so there was no excuse for me to put off the appointment. I remember once watching a video online about a child who had problems with their eyes that could’ve been rectified with early intervention. That video always sits in my mind as a reminder to not put off anything related to health, especially my child’s health. I’d hate to be one of those neglectful parents who has ignored warning signs and now their child is forced to live with symptoms for the rest of their life. 

Last Tuesday I took my child to the best optometrist near me. Cheltenham has multiple optometrists, but I wanted my child to be seen by the best. The better the optometrist we visit from the get-go, the better result I can expect for my child.