First Time Gardener

My daughter’s lifestyle is really starting to get out of hand. She simply won’t leave the house and it’s concerning me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful she’s not someone who is partying every weekend and doing irresponsible things, but I still want her to live her life. It can’t be healthy for a girl in her twenties to be locked inside day to day. She will avoid every opportunity to leave the house and I have no idea how she’d survive without me. I’m her only social life and while I’m flattered and love her, she needs to be out there meeting people her own age. 

Something I said must have hit home with her recently. She’s now looking into gardening and I couldn’t be more supportive. Gardening will be a great way to start getting her comfortable with being outside her home, without actually leaving her home. I’m hoping that over time she will eventually become comfortable with being outside in her garden, that she’ll slowly expand her radius of places to visit.

I know she was thinking of purchasing some climbing roses but I’m not sure if that’s what she will choose to be her first plant. I think she’s currently in the researching phase. I’m hoping she doesn’t choose a plant that is too complex for a first time gardener. I do know that there are some plants out there that require very specific levels of maintenance and care. I’d hate for her to choose a plant that is too difficult and suddenly become overwhelmed and frustrated with the whole process. This will only spiral her back into her bedroom, and at the point I’ll have no idea how to pry her out. 

I’ve seen different types of miniature roses for sale online. Australia is having such beautiful weather at the moment, I think these roses would be great additions to the garden. I’m not going to pressure her into buying a specific type of plant. I just want her to be happy, independent, and enjoy the sun rays while soaking up vitamin D.